Ali Price Compare

Free Chrome Extension - Find the cheapest price on Aliexpress

AliPriceCompare is a project that helps shoppers find the best and cheapest product on Aliexpress. This project helps you to save most time and money in the most effective way. Our project does not have any related to Alibaba Inc, AliExpress Inc or any of Alibaba Group’s subsidiaries.

We offer our services through the Google Chrome Extension named AliExpressCompare, the following is an extension.



What information does the service receive?

We receive new installs through ads on different platforms such as Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, and we use their targeting features to find users who may be interested in translations. Our service. You can find more information about their policies here and here.

When a user installs an extension, we will assign him an anonymous ID that will be stored locally in his or her Google Chrome browser and in Google Analytics servers. You can find more information about the Google Analytics Privacy Policy here.

In addition to anonymous IDs, we may store other ad targeting information in Google Analytics, such as your country and language, in order to better understand what the general characteristics of your audience are. That information will allow us to improve our service: for example, if we find that no one is using our extension in Germany, we may discover that there are some Errors can not be installed in the browser in German.

Of course, we do not store any personal information that would allow us to identify you: no name, email, address …

In addition, through Google Analytics tracking enabled on extensions, we track user interactions with extensions, such as sessions on the AliExpress site, and click the “Find cheap.” More for other sellers. ”

We do not monitor your browsing history on other sites. Once installed, the utility will once browse History to extract parameters from the Google Chrome page, to see where you’ve installed it. Then, we do not need your History at all.

We have allowed the “Read All Sites” permission in case we decide to expand our service one day to other stores, but currently the extension does not have any activity. any outside

How do I delete my information?

You can easily remove a gadget from the chrome: // extensions page, and after a period of inactivity, your data will automatically be removed from Google Analytics. If you just want to remove your past tracking link from the past, you can delete the information stored on your browser on the Google Chrome Settings page, and the gadget will automatically generate a new ID completely.

If you would like us to delete your past browsing data manually, this will be a bit complicated: you’ll have to navigate through the Google Chrome extension page, find AliPriceCompare, and click View Background activity. . There, you’ll need to open Chrome Inspector and find your personal ID. You can send an email to and we will delete your past information immediately.

Cookie Policy

As noted, we anonymously track your interactions with extensions through the Javascript-based and cookie-based systems provided by Google Analytics.

In addition, the extension requires cookie-clearing permission to provide better service: the primary purpose of the extension is to help users find the same product sold by another seller. To achieve this, when a user clicks on “Find a bargain on another seller,” we may delete some AliExpress cookies to bypass the personalization and find all the available products.

This means that if you are participating in any refund program, the extension may interfere with it and delete the allegedly sales attribute for your refund service. As a result, you may have to choose between your extension or your refund program: when you’re about to make a purchase, if you’d like a refund to work, you can easily disable our extension from the chrome page. : // extensions.

In addition, to continue providing free services, we may participate in the AliExpress Partner Affiliate Program and receive economic rewards from certain purchases after using the extension (e.g., click on “Find the price cheaper than the seller”).

This bonus is not related to the price increase that the user is paying from his purchase. We believe this is a reasonable deal: we provide a useful service, users do not have to pay for it and AliExpress increases its sales volume. However, if for some reason you do not want us to be rewarded for our service, you may uninstall the gadget or simply delete the cookie before doing so.